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Website owners and Facebook members take control of a new Search Engine called Aglepie

A new Internet search engine has launched on which members create the Search Results Pages themselves and then place multiple links, texts, images, Youtube videos, Twitter tweets, music play buttons, Skype buttons, widgets and Google maps on them.

Aglepie is the first search engine build by a community of website owners and Facebook members who own and control the search results pages. Place your link, update your text, and sprinkle your Ad with an image, Youtube video, Twitter tweets, Skype button, Grooveshark music playlist, Widgetbox widget (Flickr Photo album, Flash games, rss feeds etc), Google map etc.

To become a member of Aglepie, you need to have a web site or a profile on the social network site Facebook. Once a member, you can create PiePages (search results pages) and place PieAds on them. A PieAd is a link to a website along with a piece of text, and a sprinkle.

You can also place your PieAds on PiePages of other members, as long as they are not upgraded to trademark PiePages, which means that only the creator of that PiePage can place PieAds on them, like a personal bookmarks page.

Members can create unlimited tagged trademark PiePages. A tagged tm PiePage is linked to your website, for example: 10 games to play during the holidays, or Facebook profile: " favorite places to eat". You can place hundreds of links on each of your tagged tm PiePages. Share your PiePages with your family and friends and searchers around the world; or just keep them for yourself as your bookmarks pages.

Aglepie provides a great new way for (startup) businesses to control their online activities. On just one trademark PiePage you can show Aglepie users all your online activities in a visually strong and pleasing way; think of a sitemap but then much more engaging and fun for the users.

You can also promote your products by creating one product trademark PiePages and sprinkle them with images or a youtube video to show the inner workings of that product. Think of any question that people might have about your product and create a PiePage for it.

Secure PiePages for your business website and online social activities, in the same way you secured a web site for your business. As more and more users are searching through its databases, it's important for your web site to be in there when they search for it.

It's free and easy to add your links and other information to the Aglepie search engine. More information can be found online at

Published December 26, 2010


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