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Tennessee-based Bidmania takes on major online auction players

KNOXVILLE - Tennessee-based online auction and stores provider, Bidmania, has launched new efforts to take on the major online auction players. Bidmania, unlike its competitors, offers free listings, free beginner stores, low cost upgrade options, and only 5% closing fees.

The idea for Bidmania materialized over 10 years ago, and it has evolved over time into the site you see today. Creator, and owner, Johnathon Winston explains, "I saw something happening that I felt like needed addressing - eBay has no competition." Mr. Winston continues, "What's happened is that people are facing a dilemma due to rising costs and seller dissatisfaction. I decided it was time to do something about it and set out to tackle the problem by myself."

Bidmania has set itself up for success by offering the same great features you would expect, but at 50%, or more, savings compared its competitors.

Currently, Bidmania is catering to sellers of all types in the Collectible markets. Bidmania is planning new tools and features geared specifically towards the Collector market that will revolutionize the industry. Some of these features include what they call a "Collection Tool" which will track rarity, pricing, and images of known collectibles across multiple markets. This real-time tool will tell you what your collectible is worth, how many of that item have been seen, and will also show community-submitted photos of known authentic examples. Mr. Winston adds, "One of the first markets we're adding to our Collection Tool is Video Games which has skyrocketed in popularity with titles such Stadium Events reaching record highs over $40,000 for recent auctions. Future planned additions include: Coins, Comics, Collectible Card Games, Autographs, and more." Expect this feature to be added in April's series of updates to the website.

Another feature in the works, released for the site in April, includes a fun and innovative perk system for listing items, inviting people to the site, and even selling your items. Bidmania will be giving away gift cards weekly to people who frequent the site as a fun incentive to choose them as your preferred online auction house.

Also, Bidmania is driven to keep the real dream in focus as they move forward and grow. Mr. Winston shares, "The purpose of Bidmania has never been to make money. My vision for the site is to provide an alternative to the existing choices, provide jobs for my community, and begin to offer - small and home-based businesses, locals, and charities - a means to reach a National audience. I believe it is the responsibility of every person to do their part to make the world a better place." You can visit Bidmania at and register to use the site for free.

Published April 12, 2012


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