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Knoxville CEO to Be Featured on CBS's "Undercover Boss"

HOUSTON -– Bill Massa, chief executive officer for Synagro, will appear as CBS's next "Undercover Boss." The Emmy-nominated reality series follows senior executives as they leave the comfort of their corner offices for an undercover mission to examine the inner workings of their companies. The Synagro episode will air on Sunday, March 27, at 9 p.m. EST.

As the largest recycler of organic byproducts in the U.S., Synagro provides a system of solutions for civic and commercial organizations that manages byproducts to create new, environmentally compelling options. It is one of the most technically-competent companies in the biosolids industry and reduces the environmental effects of by-products, contaminants and industrial waste by transforming them into renewable energy and reusable goods.

For his "Undercover Boss" appearance, Massa rolled up his sleeves to covertly experience Synagro's best-in-class processes and see first-hand how the Company designs and executes smart, efficient and integrated waste capture and conversion solutions. Throughout the show's filming, Massa stepped into a variety of front-line roles. He went into a 2.2 million gallon tank of sludge to clean, worked alongside a centrifuge operator to separate water from solids, and helped dredge and clean a lagoon.

"At Synagro, we take pride not only in our work but also in our people and the communities in which we work," said Massa. "Participating on 'Undercover Boss' was an eye-opener as it allowed me to get involved in every aspect of Synagro's services and physically help convert waste into resources that directly benefit people and the environment. It was a humbling experience – one that allowed me to better appreciate the many pieces that go into assuring our Company's leading position in waste conversion."

Synagro's core mission is to preserve, protect and sustain the environments in which it works. As part of its ongoing commitment to communities nationwide, the company adheres to the strictest environmental standards and its services include green energy production, fertilizer manufacturing, composting, dewatering, digester cleaning, drying, pelletizing, incineration, and lagoon cleaning among other environmentally essential activities.

With this core mission in mind, Massa played a part in directly bringing the Company's solutions to life in order to sustain the safety and health of the planet and its people. He worked hand-in-hand with the employees who execute the Company's services each and every day.

Massa added, "My colleagues on the show inspired me with their dedication and passion for what they do. From business operations to safety standards, Synagro is steadfastly committed to excellence, and we encourage our employees to tap into their own passions and view our company as a means to foster that growth and interest. I am honored to work alongside these men and women and offer them additional opportunities to help make a difference in their lives."

Trailers of the "Undercover Boss" segment are featured online at For more information on Synagro and its numerous services, please visit

Founded in 1986, Synagro,, provides a system of solutions for civic and commercial organizations that manages byproducts to create new, environmentally compelling options. The Company's reliable, lasting system transforms industrial and municipal waste into environmentally-sustainable resources that benefit our communities and our planet— before an environmental footprint is left behind.

As the largest recycler of organic by-products in the United States, Synagro uses best-in-class processes that adhere to the strictest of environmental regulations to provide sustainable solutions for communities across the nation. Serving more than 600 municipal and industrial water and wastewater facilities throughout the U.S., the Company's leading systems of byproduct management services help municipalities of all sizes save money and meet environmental regulations.

Published March 26, 2011

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