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Reach Your Goals in 2011: the Business Woman's Guide to Success, Leadership and Empowerment

According to influence expert Karen Keller, "As corporate coach, I work with professional women all the time on how they can advance in their career to reach both personal and monetary fulfillment. However, oftentimes the goals these women set forth for themselves aren't achieved because of everyday life distractions."

Keller continues, "Women are different than men as they typically put aside their own dreams or goals in order to help someone else: whether it's a husband, boyfriend, son or daughter. Goals are important otherwise we'd be wandering around reaching for the next shiny object or carousing for what we 'think' may make us happy. The key to professional (or personal) success is mapping out a plan and sticking to it."

Dr. Keller has created a 'Top 7' list for business women who want to achieve (and surpass) their goals for 2011:

Identify the Goal. When identifying the goal ask yourself these two questions: What is missing for me? And what do I need or want? Be honest with yourself. These aren't goals for anyone else but you. Decide what is right for you.

Relate This Goal To a Value. Research shows that when someone is moving towards something (a goal) and it does not resonate with a value then the goal is never attained. Worse yet, if a person doesn't attach a value to it and the goal is reached, it's an illusion.

Tell 5 People About Your Goal. Why? Everyone needs a support team for encouragement … and more importantly, to hold you accountable.

Know What Resources Are Needed. What is it that's needed to make the goal happen? Not what is 'available' to make the goal happen. Don't get stuck in thinking that the only resources you have are the ones you know of.

Commit To a Single Daily Action. What will you do every day toward your goal? This keeps your goal in focus. Break your goal down into achievable parts.

Decide On Your Reward. This is a step you earn and rightly so. Celebrate all successes no matter how small. Each step you successfully master is equally deserving of celebration. Acknowledge and affirm all you progress. Tell your support team. Tell the world.

Know What Is Next. How does your goal fit into your big picture? Was it a supporting cast member for the next goal? How is it building on what is greater? What will it mean to your future? These are essential questions to answer. They cause you to pause and understand at a deeper level the relevance of your goal.

Keller concluded, "No matter what size your aspirations, goal setting can be a cycle of redundancy or it can be a process of growth. These steps will make it a process of growth and excitement. Take your large goals and dissect them into smaller pieces as small goals are simply parts of greater goals. Everything fits together. For example, my mission is to help every woman achieve their dreams in the coming year and achieve greatness … and I strive to do that one newsletter issue at a time."

Published January 29, 2011

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